First StepsThe mission of First Steps is to provide universal support services for all expectant parents and for all families with children ages birth to five. For newborns, initial meetings take place in the hospital. For families with older children, the visit is in the home or a place convenient for the family.

First Steps services include providing families with a localized community resource guide, referrals to relevant resources and age-appropriate information in at least the following categories: Maternal Health, Newborn/Child Health, Home & Child Safety, Community & Family Safety, School Readiness, and Family Economic Self-Sufficiency.

The goals of First Steps are to provide expectant parents and families with children ages birth to five:

  1. ​Current information on topics of interest and relevance to the family;
  2. ​Information on community resources relevant to the family; and
  3. ​Services to strengthen the protective factor to strengthen concrete connections that will promote maternal and infant health.
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